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Types of Sheet Metal Used in HVAC Ductwork

Types of Sheet Metal Used in HVAC Ductwork


Concerning HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) structures. The ductwork expects a chief part in significant solid areas for guaranteeing stream all through a plan. One of the essential pieces of HVAC ductwork is the sheet metal used to gather it. Sheet metal is liked for HVAC ducts because of its power, adaptability, and capacity to traverse high temperatures. In this article, we will hop into the different sorts of sheet metal all around utilized in HVAC Installation Services In Mississauga, their properties, and why they are urgent for helpful HVAC frameworks.

Why are HVAC ducts metal?

Before bouncing into the sorts of sheet metal used in HVAC ductwork, we ought to first determine why metal is inclined toward material for these ducts:

1. Durability:

Metal ducts are known for their sturdiness and life expectancy. They can get through the difficulties of consistent breeze streams, temperature changes, and regular components, making them ideal for long-stretch use in HVAC structures.

2. Fire Resistance:

Particular kinds of sheet metal, like aroused steel, are intrinsically heat-proof, giving an additional layer of well-being in structures where HVAC frameworks are introduced.

3. Flexibility:

Sheet metal can be handily manufactured into different shapes and sizes, considering tweaked ductwork plans to fit explicit structure designs and HVAC prerequisites.

4. Air Quality:

Metal ducts help with staying aware of indoor air quality by hindering the improvement of structure, shape, and organisms, which can be ordinary in various kinds of duct materials.

Gauge of Sheet Metal Used in HVAC:

The measure of sheet metal alludes to its thickness, with lower check numbers showing thicker sheets. In HVAC ductwork, the most ordinarily utilized measures of sheet metal are 26, 24, and 22 checks. Here is a breakdown of these measures and their qualities:

1. 26-gauge:

This is the most slender and prudent choice for HVAC ducts. It is reasonable for private applications and light-obligation business settings where wind current prerequisites are not as requested.

2. 24 Gauge:

A move forward in thickness, 24-gauge sheet metal offers expanded solidity and strength compared with 26-gauge. It is normally utilized in business HVAC frameworks and structures with higher wind current requests.

3. 22 Gauge:

The thickest of the three, 22-check sheet metal gives the most extreme strength and solidity. It is great for hard-core business and modern HVAC applications where powerful ductwork is fundamental.

The decision of measure relies upon elements like the size of the HVAC framework, wind current necessities, building type, and spending plan contemplations. HVAC workers for hire commonly evaluate these variables to decide the most reasonable measure for a particular venture.

Types of Materials Used in HVAC Ductwork:

While sheet metal is the decision material utilized in HVAC ductwork, several sorts of metals and blends are used to think about their properties and execution. Here are the essential materials utilized:

1. Galvanized Steel:

Aroused steel is one of the most well-known materials for HVAC ductwork. It is covered with a layer of zinc, giving it obstruction and toughness. Stirred steel ducts are reasonable for many applications and offer great imperviousness to fire.

2. Stainless Steel:

Treated steel ductwork is exceptionally impervious to erosion, making it ideal for conditions with high dampness or openness to destructive components. It is solid, simple to clean, and keeps up with its primary honesty after some time.

3. Aluminum:

Aluminum ducts are lightweight, consumption-safe, and simple to introduce. They are frequently utilized in private HVAC frameworks and regions where weight reduction is a thought. Aluminum ducts are in like manner recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

4. Copper:

While more surprising than steel or aluminum, copper ductwork is regarded for its intensity, conductivity, and robustness. It is frequently utilized in particular HVAC applications where intensity move properties are basic.

Sentral HVAC: Your Partner in HVAC Solutions

For occupants and organizations in Mississauga and the more noteworthy Toronto Region, Sentral HVAC is your trusted accomplice for air conditioning repair, installation, and support administrations. Our group of experienced professionals spends significant time dealing with an extensive variety of HVAC frameworks, guaranteeing ideal execution and indoor solace.

Whether you want air conditioner repair close to you, AC establishment services. Custom ductwork arrangements, Sentral HVAC conveys dependable and savvy arrangements custom-fitted to your necessities. We comprehend the significance of value ductwork in HVAC frameworks and utilize premium materials like stirred steel, hardened steel, and aluminum to guarantee solid and productive ductwork installations.

With Sentral HVAC, you can expect:

. Prompt and Professional Service: We focus on consumer loyalty and endeavor to convey immediate, proficient HVAC Installation Services In Mississauga that surpass your assumptions.

. Expertise and Experience: Our professionals are prepared, ensured, and furnished with the information and ability to deal with all your HVAC needs effectively.

. Custom Solutions: We plan and create custom ductwork solutions to fit your structure’s particulars and HVAC necessities, guaranteeing ideal wind current and energy productivity.

. 24/7 Emergency Services: We comprehend that HVAC crises can happen whenever. That is the reason we offer every minute of everyday crisis fix services to resolve critical issues and limit margin time.

. Service Areas: Our administrations reach out to Mississauga, Toronto, and encompassing regions, giving exhaustive HVAC answers for private, business, and modern clients.


In conclusion, the kinds of sheet metal utilized in HVAC ductwork assume a critical role in the presentation, strength, and proficiency of HVAC frameworks. By picking the right materials and working with a trusted HVAC partner like Sentral HVAC, you can guarantee ideal indoor solace, energy investment funds, and long-term dependability for your HVAC framework.

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