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The Services that We provide in Burlington are Following.

Sentral HVAC provides high-quality and professional plumbing services to the residents of Burlington. Our team of specialists has years of expertise completing a wide range of plumbing projects and has the knowledge and tools required to fix your problem the first time.

Professional Plumbers in Burlington.

We are one of the most reliable and experienced plumbing companies in Canada. We provide commercial and residential plumbing services in Burlington. The plumbing services we provide include Emergency repair, appliance repair and installation, kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation.  Our plumbing experts provide services efficiently and attend to each client’s needs.

  • Heat Pump
  • Ductwork
  • Boilers
  • In Floor Radiant Heating
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Plumbing Services
  • Furnace Heating
  • Cooling Services
  • Pipeline Services
  • Heated Driveway
  • Commercial Refrigeration Service
  • Rooftop HVAC Unit
  • Commercial Exhaust Fan
  • Walk-in Cooler
  • Water Heater

Furnace Maintenance, Installation & Repair Services in Burlington.

When it comes to installing your new furnace, we make sure that everything is done correctly the first time. Our furnace installers can install any brand or type of furnace. When installing a new furnace, there are various aspects to consider, and our furnace installation professionals have the experience and knowledge to assist you in making the right decisions.  We also provide a wide range of furnace maintenance and repair services in Burlington.

Burlington AC Repair, Maintenance & Installation.

You can rely on us to provide high-quality air conditioning installation services in Burlington. We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate model for your requirements. We provide emergency AC Repair services. If your air conditioner is not working properly, our qualified technicians are well trained to diagnose and repair the problem. Sentral HVAC provides a variety of cost-effective maintenance services to meet your needs. With regular maintenance, your air conditioner will work more efficiently, cost less to operate and require fewer repairs.

Water pipeline Installation, Repair, and Replacement in Burlington.

When it comes to gas pipeline installation in Burlington, Sentral HVAC should be your first choice because of our efficient and professional services. Our plumbing technicians will provide quality repairs at an affordable rate. When a water line needs to be completely replaced, it can be a huge project. Sentral HVAC will ensure that the replacement process is as seamless and unobtrusive as possible.

Heated Driveway Snow Melting System in Burlington.

Sentral HVAC is pleased to offer the top snow melting system in Burlington. Our innovative electric snow melting technology reduces the need for regular shovelings and salting. We are confident that our snow removal and buildup prevention system is the best and most cost-effective option available on the market. Contact us to learn more about our snow melting system and how we can help you get rid of snowfall on your property.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation & Repair Service in Burlington.

Are you looking for a refrigerator or freezer repair service in Burlington? Look no further; we have the expertise to assist you in getting your equipment up and running. The main food stores are walk-ins. Time is of the essence when they quit working. You need a reliable partner to help you address the situation that is Sentral HVAC.

Rooftop Units Installation & Repair Services in Burlington.

Commercial rooftop unit installation projects require substantial preparation. Sentral HVAC has installed complete commercial rooftop systems in Burlington, offering company owners confidence in their new furnace, ventilator, or air conditioner. No matter how much time it takes, we will work hard to fulfill your goals while respecting your budget and time.

Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair in Burlington

Sentral HVAC offers commercial Exhaust Fan repair in the city of Burlington. We are a local company that specializes in commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation repairs and installations. We are certified and meet Ministry of Industry norms. We carry different sizes of fan motors and air extractors to get you up and running quickly.

Walk-in Cooler Installation & Repair Services in Burlington

The client will only apply to a walk-in cooler repair company that provides quick service, fair pricing, and a warranty for the work accomplished. Only then may you recommend the company to your friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. Sentral HVAC & Plumbing follows these standards in all jobs throughout Burlington city of Canada. We carry out walk-in cooler installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the year. Contact us now to get our service.

Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair Services in Burlington

You probably already know that repairing water heaters in Burlington is challenging; thus, it is best left to experts. This is because the equipment has a sophisticated design and many high-tech features. Hence not every master can fix water heaters. Sentral HVAC offers their clients home water tank repair service, water heater installation, repair, and maintenance services in Burlington. Thanks to this, specialists can carry out any repair of water heaters, no matter how difficult it may be.