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September 14, 2021
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Furnace Installation & Maintenance Services

Furnace Maintenance and Tips

Every equipment in your home needs maintenance in order to keep it safe for the next season. The weather will change as the summer closes, creating a temperature change. No additional temperature is required because the natural air is already cool, even if the furnace maintenance needs to be turned on to get the balance temperature.

There are some important points to be checked before turning on the furnace again in summer. If it’s been over a year and you don’t remember when was the last time you checked your furnace, then you need to hire a Furnace Maintenance Expert to give a deep check over your complete furnace system and ensure it’s proper working for your summer.

In Mississauga, autumn is the best season to hire Furnace Maintenance, Installation & Repair Services. As it is an offseason, and almost all HVAC professionals are free to focus on services like furnace repair, maintenance and installation throughout the city of Mississauga. If you live in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Etobicoke, Brampton or Toronto, then our technicians will also be available at your place.

Here are few steps that will help you clean and maintain your furnace properly.

Furnace Installation Repair and Maintenance

1- Outside Check

Your furnace’s exterior should be free of dust, filth, and debris. Keep the clutter and flammable materials away from the furnace. If there is any dust in the basement, immediately clean it before moving on to the next step.

Checking its power is also a smart initial step to ensure it works properly. Keep an eye out for tripped circuit breakers or fused. Depending on your furnace, there may be a power entrance separate from the main entrance or fuses positioned in or on the heating unit.

2-Thermostate Examination

Before turning on your furnace, be sure the thermostat works. Although it has fewer parts than the furnace, it is nevertheless a delicate component that requires attention. If your furnace isn’t heating properly, call a furnace repair Mississauga services to examine and clean up these simple fixes

3 -The Filter and Fan Belt

Before beginning, turn off the furnace’s electricity at the circuit breaker panel and the furnace switch. Clean the filter every 3 months.
The filter is normally attached to the furnace’s blower motor by a clip. Remove the filter gently and clean it with the vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, warm soap and water. Examine the felt belt while cleaning the filter. Examine it closely for evidence of wear and tear or cracks emerging. Replace it if it’s worn out. This step is optional because not every furnace has a built-in fan belt. If not, skip this step.

4- The Pilot Light

Follow the following steps to check your pilot light

  • Make sure the gas is on, and the pilot light is lighted. You must relight the pilot light if it goes out. Close the valve. Wait 3 minutes. Then put the valve to pilot.
  • Then light a match and hold it to the pilot opening while simultaneously pressing the reset button. Keep pressing this button until the pilot flame turns blue. Once the flame is steady, turn the valve on.
  • If the pilot flame goes out after these instructions, the entrance is obstructed. Close the gas valve and clean the opening with a fine wire. If that doesn’t work, and you’ve tried it multiple times, the thermocouple (the safety device) is defective. Don’t keep trying to fix it; get a Furnace Maintenance, Installation & Repair Services.

5: The Furnace Motor

Some furnaces have a motor that needs to be oiled to work correctly. Make sure this motor isn’t overloaded. After 30 minutes, turn off the motor and hit the reset button. Rep until it runs properly.

Oiling is essential to keep the motor running. Oiling points are normally found near or on the motor. Apply only 1-2 drops of oil as directed by your technician or the manufacturer’s guidance (i.e. once a year). Avoid over-oiling the engine.

Furnace Installation & Maintenance Services

Hire Furnace Installation & Maintenance Services

Some furnace components, such as defective thermocouples or electrical components of burners, need to be handled properly. This is when you need a Furnace installation Company Mississauga to send a professional HVAC specialist to fix your furnace. Sentral HVAC & Plumbing has teamed up with the best Furnace Maintenance Expert to make your furnace in a proper working condition for the next summer. furnace in a proper working condition for the next summer.

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