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September 8, 2022
October 25, 2022

Emergency Plumbing Installation Services

Plumbing emergencies are the worst because when the time comes you simply can’t wait for a plumber to quickly come to your rescue. Be it a minor emergency or a major one, Emergency Plumbing Installation requires a quick lookout or it eventually leads to bigger problems. So, it’s best to know who can help you out and come to your rescue really quickly. Sentral HVAC and plumbing at Mississauga never misses an opportunity to satisfy their clients in their bad times. We have only one goal in mind and that is to offer quality services to the people of Mississauga.



If your water heater has a leak, it’s best to turn it off right away and immediately call a professional for help before it leads to a bigger problem. Our professional help would immediately come to your rescue and fix the problem right away. The main reason why most water heaters stop working or have a leak is because of a build-up of sediments, which settles down at the bottom of the tank – causing the water heater to prevent the water from heating properly. Our plumber would fix the cause root of the problem so it doesn’t bother you in near future as well.


One of the most common problems that people usually face is the leakage of pipelines. A lot of the time, they usually have it fixed but it still keeps happening sooner than later. We assure you, at Sentral HVAC and plumbing, we never try to only fix what’s broken at the moment. We also assess other major things that could cause you trouble in near future. Our professional team determines not only the leaks but the cause root of it and everything in detail so everything is well fixed for you.


The moment we hear about your troubles, we identify what tools and supplies would be needed at the time of fixing. Our professional staff at Mississauga brings all the accurate repair supplies to fix the issue as soon as possible without causing you further trouble.


A cracked or broken porcelain sink is a common problem in both old and new homes. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can actually lead to serious problems if left unaddressed. A crack in your sink can cause water to seep into the surrounding area, leading to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, cracks can become larger over time, eventually leading to the

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