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April 4, 2024
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5 Different Types of Air Ducts For Air Conditioners

5 Different Types of Air Ducts For Air Conditioners


In the area of focal air systems, air ducts expect a fundamental part in spreading shaped air through homes and designs. Understanding the different kinds of air conduits accessible for climate control systems is fundamental for property holders and Air Conditioner Installation In Mississauga is the same. In this aide, we’ll dig into the five unique sorts of air ducts generally utilized in cooling frameworks, revealing insight into their qualities, advantages, and applications.

1. Sheet Metal Ducts:

Sheet metal ducts are among the most customary and broadly utilized kinds of ventilation work in air conditioning frameworks. They are regularly produced using stirred steel or aluminum and are known for their sturdiness and life span. Sheet metal ducts can endure high temperatures and are reasonable for both private and business applications.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Ducts:

. Excellent durability and long lifespan.

. Resistant to mold and pests.

. Can be customized to fit specific layouts.

. Suitable for high-velocity airflow systems.

1. Flexible Ducts:

Adaptable channels, generally called flex conduits, offer versatility and effortlessness of foundation stood out from unyielding ventilation work. These conduits contain a versatile inward focus included by assurance and an outside coat. Adaptable conduits are regularly used in locales where space is limited or where coordinating ventilation work through confined spaces is fundamental.

Benefits of Flexible Ducts:

. Easy to install and maneuver around obstacles.

. Lightweight and cost-effective.

. Reduce noise transmission between rooms.

. Suitable for retrofitting and remodeling projects.

1. Fiberglass Duct board:

Fiberglass duct board is a kind of ductwork produced using fiberglass protection material that is shaped into inflexible boards. These boards are then gathered to make duct frameworks. Fiberglass duct board is known for its warm protection properties, making it an energy-productive decision for Air Conditioner.

Advantages of Fiberglass Duct board:

. Excellent thermal insulation, reducing energy loss.

. Resistant to moisture and mold growth.

. Lightweight and easy to handle during installation.

. Can be fabricated into various shapes to suit different spaces.

1. PVC Ducts:

polyvinyl chloride ducts are a well-known decision for cooling frameworks, particularly in conditions where consumption opposition is vital. PVC ducts are produced using tough plastic material that can endure brutal circumstances, making them reasonable for outside applications and destructive conditions.

Benefits of PVC Ducts:

. Resistant to corrosion, moisture, and chemicals.

. Lightweight and easy to transport and install.

. Long-lasting and low maintenance.

. Ideal for outdoor and underground ductwork.

1. Ductless Mini-Split Systems:

While not, in fact channels, ductless small scale split frameworks merit a notice while examining cooling choices. These frameworks comprise an outside unit associated with at least one indoor air-taking care unit through refrigerant lines. Ductless smaller than expected split frameworks are profoundly proficient and offer zone-based cooling, considering customized solace settings in various regions of a structure.

Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems:

. Energy-efficient operation with individual temperature control.

. No ductwork is required, reducing installation complexity.

. Ideal for room increases, more established homes, and spaces with restricted ventilation work choices.

. Improved indoor air quality with multi-stage filtration.


Choosing the right sort of air pipes for your cooling structure is fundamental for smoothing out execution, limit, and indoor solace. Whether you settle on customary sheet metal ducts, flexible ducts for simple establishment, fiberglass duct board for protection, PVC ducts for erosion obstruction, or a ductless smaller than normal split framework for zone-based cooling, each type offers novel advantages fit to various requirements and conditions.

At Sentral HVAC & Plumbing in Mississauga, we invest critical energy in focal Air Conditioner Installation Mississauga, including air duct foundation, repair, and backing. Reach out to us today for all your warming, cooling, and ventilation needs in Mississauga and enveloping districts.

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